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Cate Sevilla is an editor, journalist and consultant who has led editorial teams for some of the world’s largest media and technology companies.

Born in the Silicon Valley, Cate has lived in the UK for 13 years, where she started her career as an editor and writer for the UK’s first blog publishing company, Shiny Media. In 2008 she founded the online women’s magazine, BitchBuzz, and worked across various projects with brands and publications, such as Stylist Magazine, Big Brother and Very.co.uk.

After BitchBuzz closed in 2013, she joined Microsoft as an editor for MSN, and later became one of the founding members of BuzzFeed UK, helping to grow and manage their award-winning editorial team first as Homepage Editor, and then as Managing Editor. In 2016 she joined the tech start-up DRIVETRIBE, founded by the former Top Gear presenters, as Director of Content Operations. Cate was later headhunted by Google’s Cultural Institute to lead the editorial strategy for their consumer app, Google Arts & Culture.

As an advocate for diversity and representation, with a strong passion for amplifying the voices and stories of women, Cate was thrilled to join The Pool, an online lifestyle platform founded by Sam Baker and Lauren Laverne, as its new editor-in-chief in 2018. After The Pool’s sudden closure in early 2019, Cate is a freelance editorial consultant and is currently working on her first book.

Latest news…

Cate appeared on Sky News’ Sunrise to discuss Meghan Markle guest editing the September issue of British Vogue.


“I’m proud of the complexity of who I am and where I’m from”

Cate speaks to The Metro for their “Mixed Up” series on what it’s like being mixed race

Editorial consultancy

This isn’t me, but pretend it is

This isn’t me, but pretend it is

If your business is in need of a new (or improved) content strategy or assistance with its editorial direction – I’m here to help. Find out more about how I can help your business, here:

Editorial roles

at the buzzfeed uk office in 2013.

at the buzzfeed uk office in 2013.

From blogging about “women’s issues” in the noughties to managing news rooms – you can find more about my professional experience here:

Writing examples

Illustration by the wonderful rebecca hendin

Illustration by the wonderful rebecca hendin

Rather uniquely, all of my writing has been for online publications and I’ve never actually written for the print version of a newspaper or magazine. You can read examples of my writing here:

I am yet to meet a person as committed to fairness, efficiency, diversity and inclusion as a senior leader. She’s an advocate for all the things that make teams great.
— Gena-mour Barrett, writer


Speaking engagements + radio + podcasts

Cate’s a rare find: a creative and collaborative leader that values the input and expertise of her colleagues and, with feather-light touch, can guide a team to produce its very best, day in and day out.
— Tory Frost, head of branded content, The Pool
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Additional projects and campaigns I’ve worked on…