If your business is in need of a new (or improved) content strategy or assistance with its editorial direction – I’m here to help.

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the unique experience of leading editorial teams at both media companies and tech companies – big and small. I’ve worked on all aspects of content – from building the editorial strategy for content-driven consumer apps and platforms, to advising engineering and UX design teams on Content Management Systems, to being editor-in-chief for online magazines and managing busy newsrooms.

What I can do for your product, client or publication’s content:

  • Content 101: Help establish the basics of what your objectives and goals are for your product’s content, who your audience is, and what purpose your content is serving with regards to your wider business model

  • Assessment and audit: I take a deep-dive into your current content offering and give practical recommendations

  • Audit + a new content strategy: Audit of your content plus the creation of a new content strategy to serve as a plan of action to improve your current content offering and achieve your #ContentGoals.

  • Pitches: If you’re working on a pitch for a client, I can help develop and advise on content strategy as well as any accompanying documentation (tone of voice documents, etc).

As an experienced editorial manager, I can also help your content teams by:

  • Assessing your newsroom or content team structure and overall efficiency of your current publishing process

  • Devise and introduce improvements on current editorial/content processes to help improve internal and/or cross-department communication, organisation, and overall efficiency of your publishing calendar and schedule

  • Run training sessions and workshops on content strategy, tailored to your team’s needs.

Please note that I am allergic to industry BS.

I am not going to come to your office, play BuzzWord Bingo, show you vague but well-designed graphs and slides and then regurgitate loads of stats to impress your in-house SEO expert. I am all about practical, realistic advice that’s communicated in a straight-forward way and can easily be understood by all departments of your business.

Interested in hearing more?

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