The Pool

I was appointed the new editor-in-chief of the women’s lifestyle publication The Pool, founded by Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker, in September 2018. I oversaw all editorial staff and publishing, and worked closely with the new CEO and Head of Commercial on the overall strategy of The Pool as a digital, editorial product and brand.

Google Arts & Culture
Head of Editorial

As Head of Editorial for the Google Cultural Institute, I worked on the content strategy and original content offering for Google Arts & Culture (the Cultural Institute’s consumer app and website). I worked with the product, UX and engineering teams on how the app’s content was produced and appeared online, and with our content, PR and marketing, teams on all major content launches. At Google I was also on the steering committee of the Women @ Google Group, overseeing the production of our monthly newsletter.

Director of Content Operations

Founded by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, DRIVETRIBE is a social network for car and motoring enthusiasts. As the director of content operations, I was responsible for developing and implementing our pre-launch content strategy, hiring our in-house editorial team, commissioning freelancers, and coordinating the editorial calendar.

BuzzFeed UK
Managing Editor + Homepage Editor

I first joined BuzzFeed in a hybrid role, working as the homepage editor for BuzzFeed UK, and serving as the overnight editor for BuzzFeed in the US. Working a 6am - 2pm shift, I was the sole editor responsible for BuzzFeed’s breaking news, social news feeds, and homepage while the US team was out-of-hours. In addition to breaking news stories, I also wrote pop culture and entertainment stories, some of which earned millions of views each.

I was then promoted to managing editor for BuzzFeed UK I was responsible for managing the editorial staff. Working directly with the editor-in-chief, I gave direction to the department heads and oversaw the overall structure and operation of the team.

msnNOW (MSN News)
Global Coordinating Editor

At MSN, I was hired to help launch the international roll-out of the new “viral content” platform msnNOW in 11 markets across EMEA. I was responsible for selecting and distributing content produced by the US msnNOW team that would be relevant to other markets, and then making those stories available for re-publishing and translating.

Founder + Editor-in-Chief

In August 2008 I launched the online women’s lifestyle magazine BitchBuzz. I am very proud of the influence and popularity that BitchBuzz obtained over its 4.5 year run as it was gained independently and without VC funding. With its editorial team of 20 internationally-based contributors, BitchBuzz built up a loyal, global readership and was a trailblazer in the market of women-focused publications online.


Feedback from a few of my former colleagues so you know I’m not total trash.

Cate is a compassionate and inspiring leader, particularly through major business change or a shift in strategic direction. Working alongside her in a management position I was immediately struck by her clear-mindedness and how deeply she understands, and is able to balance, the needs of a hungry editorial product and her team’s professional and personal wellbeing. Cate’s a rare find: a creative and collaborative leader that values the input and expertise of her colleagues and, with feather-light touch, can guide a team to produce its very best, day in and day out.
— Tory Frost, head of branded content, The Pool
Cate is a forward-thinking editor and manager, who knows how to get the best from a diverse and high-performing team of content creators. She excels at bringing order, process and performance benchmarking to her teams.
— Ailbhe Malone, author and journalist
Cate was a trusted leader I worked with on the women@Google steering committee. As our in-house communication expert, she ideated and executed multiple strategies to curate and showcase the best content for Google’s smart, sharp community of women and allies, and was a pleasure to work alongside.
— Sarah Drinkwater, director at Omidyar Network
Cate Sevilla is an incredible manager and an absolute joy to work under. I worked with her when she was managing editor at BuzzFeed, and I am yet to meet a person as committed to fairness, efficiency, diversity and inclusion as a senior leader. She’s an advocate for all the things that make teams great.
— Gena-mour Barrett, journalist and writer
Cate is the kind of manager you wish you could’ve had for every job. She was the first face I met when starting at Google Arts & Culture and her warmth made any new job jitters disappear. A strong leader, she will navigate through the management speak and target talk to ensure creativity shines through. The trust and respect she has is so incredibly encouraging, and if you’re part of Cate’s team she’ll continually make sure you feel happy and supported.
— Rebecca Fulleylove, journalist
As founding Managing Editor, Cate was instrumental in the growth of BuzzFeed UK, shaping its editorial direction as well as laying rock solid foundations on the operational side. She’s an outstanding manager and a great listener (the two things are related). I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Luke Lewis, Director of Brand & Editorial, Netflix UK
Cate established and led Google Arts & Culture’s user-facing content strategy across the product. She was fundamental in developing the grounding principals of the platform style, tone, guidelines - which continue to impact over 2,000 cultural organisations from around the world. Cate also architected the content framework for our most impactful projects to date including We Wear Culture and The Faces of Frida, fundamentally changing the way that millions of people can understand and interact with cultural content.
— Kate Lauterbach, program manager, Google Arts & Culture