Panels + Talks

NBA Leaders Meet innovation

NBA Leaders Meet innovation

Sookio Masterclass

Sookio Masterclass



  • Sookio Masterclass – The Art of Using Image and Video in Social Media (panel)

  • Oxford University – Are Women in Business Their Own Worst Enemy? (speaker)

  • Geek ‘n Rolla – Balancing Tech Culture (panel)

  • Girls in Tech – Creating a Strong Online Voice (speaker)

Radio + Podcasts

BBC Radio

Over the years I’ve appeared on many different BBC radio programmes, including The Media Show, The Today Programme, 5 Live Hit List, BBC Tech Tent.


The Media Show

I talk about The Pool with host Amol Rajan, and guests Jo Elvin and Olivia Crellin.


BBC Radio 4 TODAY:
Is Television Stuck in the ‘70s?

A clip from my appearance on the Today programme.


BBC Tech Tent: The next big thing

I chat with host Rory Cellan-Jones about games and tech trends.

Soho Radio

I co-host the wonderful Sali Hughes’ radio show on Soho Radio. We broadcast live, on every 4th Wednesday, from 2-4pm. You can check the schedule for when we’re next on, here.


July 2019
Guests: Eleanor Morgan and Dr Amalia Annaradnam


June 2019
Guests: Karen Arthur, Daisy Buchanan, Nell Frizzell (and me filling in as host!)

May 2019
Guests: Bryony Gordon and Katie Puckrik


April 2019
Guests: Lex Gilles, Rose Gallagher (Plus a special hour about “Fleabag” with Caitlin Moran Jojo Moyes)


December 2019
Guests: Wendy Wason + Gizzi Erskine


February 2019
Guests: Joel Golby + Dija Ayodele


March 2019
Guests: Daisy Buchanan + Nicola Lewis

The Pool Podcasts

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 10.32.24.png

The Pool:This Year I’m Channeling

Members of The Pool discuss who they’re channeling in 2019 – I chat about why I’m channeling Greta Gerwig.

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